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This website is dedicated to those fortunate enough to be part of the music scene in Corpus Christi, TX in the sixties.

Allen Hunt has been kind enough to provide the story of The Liberty Bell.  Click on the Liberty Bell button to visit their page.

John Kenney of Ginger Valley recalls the inception and life of a band comprised of very talented musicians.  The Story


Remember Pick's Drive Inn, the Elk's Lodge, French the Beachcomber, the Rogues Club and the Carousel?  If so, you will most likely remember the bands featured on this site.

Click here to visit the 60's Rat Pack bulletin board.



Pagan Rocks at the Carousel - Circa 1966

Pagan Rocks at the Carousel - Circa 1966





    Bubble Puppy        Liberty Bell        Ginger Valley        Zakary Thaks        Pictures

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