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This page has been created to pay respect to our friends who have passed.

Rex Gregory - December 23, 1949 - January 18, 2008

Rex died suddenly, in his sleep, after living an energetic, full and happy life with no outward signs of severe illness.  He is survived by his beloved wife Jan Gregory and Rex Gregory Jr. of whom he was extraordinarily proud.  Rex missed attending only one Ratpack Reunion so that he and Jan could move into the beautiful home of their dreams in the fall of 2007.
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Al Hunt - March 07, 1950  -  September 14, 2006

Allen succumbed to a fatal heart attack that came as a shock to all who knew and loved him.

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Glenn Jauer - 9/14/1949 - 05/31/2009

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Vickie Jean Lauderdale...Died in 1969.







Bill Melhart...06-16-1943 to 04-07-2007

Bill was the manager/owner of the infamous “Horn Shop” in Corpus where the Corpus musicians were befriended by Bill and encouraged to get their start.  He eventually moved to Arkansas but attended our reunions whenever he could. 

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Roger McElhaney...1950 to 12-06-2003

Roger was Sam Neely’s cousin, one of our gang, and “equipment manager” for several Corpus bands.  He died of a heart attack. 

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Stanley Moore....03-16-1949 to May 2000

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Sam Neely - August 22, 1948 - July 19, 2006

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Paul White...1949 to 07-17-1974

Paul played keyboards for the In-Crowd, a 60s Corpus band (later renamed “The Buckle”) that included Sam Neely (lead guitarist & vocals), Bill Winters (drummer), and Larry McGill (bass). 

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Jerry Williams - 11-25-1949 to 11-20-1968 (in Viet Nam)

(Gerald Dan Williams, twin to Cheryl “Cher”(Williams) Wiggins-Boynton;“Bubba & Sissy” to their family and “Jerry & Sherry” to their friends.







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